The mobile phone is the one of the biggest creation of mankind. Indeed the first mobile phone was created in 1983 by Dr. Martin Cooper. According to an article about History of Mobile Phone, the 1G phone also known as First Generation runs on FDMA (Frequency Divism Multiple Access), but it is low traffic capacity, poor voice and poor security. Follow by the 2G with a little extra accessories to the phone systems that allows us to see the caller identity and also text messaging. Continue by 2.5G that allowed user to gain internet accessed, e-mail, fax, sending and receiving file. And 3G give much higher transmission rates and offer increased capacity for users. Why would this creation be important to us? Well, it all leads to the smartphones we use today. Without these creation, there won’t be any text messaging, social network online and other application offered in the smartphones.

Let me ask you a question, what kind of phone you are using now? Is it Apple or Android?


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 Let’s look into a slight brief about Apple history. According to Mitew (2012) the two founder of Apple computer is Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In 1979, Steve Jobs created the first personal computer with a mouse-driven gal called the XEROX ALTO. But in 1985, Steve Jobs left Apple and created PIXAR, but soon in 1997 he was back in Apple and iMac was soon created in 1998, following by successful products. And finally on the year 2007 IPhone was created, until today more successful items are being sold. The philosophy of Steve Jobs is “Flash is a cross platform development tool. It is not Adobe’s goal to help developers write the best iPhone, iPod and iPad apps. It is their goal to help developers write across platform apps.”


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Alright now we look at Apple competitor history, Google. The Google Inc. was created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 4th September 1998. The main goal is to look at the number of links to a site. The first Google website does not have HTML, for at that time they didn’t know HTML. The first Android phone was the HTC Dream in 1998. And the current Android today statistic in Oct 2012, almost 500 million Android Device is in use, 1 million activation per day, around 675, 000 apps and hold a 68% of global smartphone market. For Google their main philosophy is the flow of information is the key.

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For both Apple and Android they are all under the 4th generation of mobile phone. But there is a difference between both mobile that many should know before purchasing or for knowledge purpose. Following a website article Apple vs Android (n.d.) we will be looking into 6 different sections of the systems.

Source Code

  • Apple is a closed source and does not give user the access to software. They also have a disclaimer to use this operating system on any other mobile companies.
  • Android is an open source where any mobile company can use this operating system. They also offered from the user side to add and develop application allowing them to interact with the software.

Operating System

  • Apple has its very unique operating system with no further categories. “It is the sole proprietor for the Apple devices and still having the prominent position in industry among various mobile operating systems”
  • The Android are not similar from one to another. They are divided into different versions where the old and new version of Android can be differentiated.


  • Apple has limited social network because it is not highly promote.
  • Android is in the leading, where facilities all community platform to interact with others anywhere and any topic. Allowing users to become a vast type of network.


  • “Android has the benefit of having Google’s platform so all the features like Google’s search engines, GTalk, Gmail, youtube, and even G maps are supported so it becomes a dynamic experience to have Android operating system. Apple has its own mailing patron and lacks other facilities like gmail etc.”


  • As it is said Apple is a closed source where the security is tight and controlled.
  • And Android is an open source is more prunes to viruses and security threats.


  • “Apple is loaded with more than half million applications offers many utility features like gaming, office pack, filing system, skype, air printing, air play and my iPhone all are dynamic features to enhance the mobile using experience. Android also supports many utility features however its applications are less in numbers than Apple iOS.”

We cannot say which one is good and bad. There is good and bad review for both Apple and Android. It always depends on how people purchase and view. After knowing all the differences between the two company mobile phone devices, we never know which will sustain in the society and which will fall. The battle will continue and soon one will triumph over another. Which company you will bet on?

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