Why is the internet important to us? The video below shows a brief introduction of the internet of things also known as IOT.

The internet of things helps us in many activities in our daily life. It is no longer just “us” being physically there, but the internet stand side by side with us. For we can see that we no longer need to physically buy music albums but could download through internet within 10 minutes to 15 minutes time. Not only the internet helps us in our daily activity but also it helps us to connect from one to another. As mentioned in one of the blog above, the old media is a monologic media where is from one source to many. There was not feedback to any source of information being mentioned, but with the internet technology it became the dialogic media. Where people could do debates and speak their opinion on the topic being mention through the net. The image below shows a debate through social media considering a political debate (which it can’t be mentioned)

Image Source: http://1.media.collegehumor.cvcdn.com/72/49/ef6c07476c67b93f8e515d9a33f6119d-how-political-debates-on-facebook-actually-go.jpg

Besides that the internet allows us to connect from one to another, especially the social network. With the creation of social network we could talk to one another without calling or text messaging. It also at the same time helps us to keep our data and information. Businesses no longer look into physical meeting within companies, but also use the internet technology to have conference within companies. People no longer even have the need for laptop, while smartphones have the function that most laptop has.

Image Source: https://cis.uky.edu/icd/sites/default/files/Social_Media.png

Just imagine 10 years ago, the only mobile phone is run by analog dial. Desktops games are all in words and mini character forms. But the mobile phones today allows to download, access to big data files, and even able to communicate with each other through internet. Games are no longer low graphic design, but runs by high end graphic cards and others. But with these internets, many of us have becoming depended over the internet, for example the news being performs in news media. People are depending on news from the social network when everyone is armed with mobile phones and internet access.

Image Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tWBgwwHHG48/TtpjVt7JrgI/AAAAAAAAACk/rGq02FiuTjk/s1600/tumblr_lnm8qjcwe01qdm4y9o1_400.jpg

Some feels that without the internet or their smartphone their life is useless.  But with all these technology, how are we physically socializing with each other? In the future would we not communicate within each other physically but through internet?